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Henry Kiel Society

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The Henry Kiel Society is a unique group of donors whose passion for experiencing theatre under the stars cannot be contained in a single generation. Their love for the entire Muny experience—the stars, the trees, the evening breeze, the majestic and magical summer nights—has led Society members to include The Muny in their estate plans ensuring their personal legacy will help shape The Muny's future.

As we look forward, we know the generosity of our Henry Kiel Society members will make a true difference in ensuring the continued excellence of The Muny.

We invite you to join other community leaders and friends whose dedication and creative gift planning has secured their own financial outlook and helped secure The Muny's future, all while making musical theatre accessible to all.

If you are a Muny Partner, if you are a Muny subscriber, or if you simply love The Muny, please consider continuing your support beyond your lifetime by joining the Henry Kiel Society.

On these pages you will find opportunities that combine philanthropic giving with financial needs and tax-planning strategies. There are fantastic opportunities to create estate plans that benefit you, your loved ones and The Muny. Please review and contact us today at 314.595.5771 with your questions or for more information about how to join the Henry Kiel Society.


Bardol Chervitz Families
Patricia Bowolak
Thomas & Ruth Brouster
August A. Busch III Charitable Trust
Barry T. Cervantes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dowdy
Mr. & Mrs.* David C. Farrell
Donald Fassold
David R. Ganz
Diane Hall
Earle H. Harbison, Jr.
Myrtle L. Herwig *
William & Kerry Holekamp
John & Suvatthana Hudson
Mike Isaacson & Joe Ortmeyer
Mrs. Henry O. Johnston
David Juergens
Steven S. Kimmel
Nancy & Kenneth Kranzberg
Carol B. Loeb
John & Paula McCadden
Richard & Sharon Buchanan-McClure
Michael McGrath
Richard G. Millman
Charles W. & Janet T. Mueller
Carla & David O'Brien
John & Dotty Parker
Eileen A. Pfeifer *
Frances Plagemann *
Mike & Barb Quinn
Peter & Linda Racen
Mary Schrey *
Ralph C. Simon
Maurice St. Pierre
Lorayn P. Strauss *
Jim & Gerry * Thompson
Gene & Judy Toombs
Dorothy Anna Walters *
Bob & Joyce Wendel
Lawrence & Kerri White
Mary* & Rudolph* Wise

* deceased
As of December 31, 2019

Who was Henry Kiel?

St. Louis Mayor Henry Kiel was the first champion for producing musicals “on a grander scale than they have ever been seen” for “anyone who desires to attend.” He ultimately went door-to-door and business-to-business to make this dream a reality.

More than 100 years later, The Muny stands as a living legacy to Mayor Kiel’s vision. We are proud to honor the Mayor’s legacy and celebrate your personal commitment to exceptional musical theatre—accessible to all—right here in Forest Park.

Have you already included The Muny in your estate plan?

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